The Secret Garden


Garden Design Competition

Location: Padova (IT)

Period: 2013

An intimate secret garden hidden behind a tall wall..


Double rows of Buxus Sempervirens hedges frames the main focal point, a beautiful and evocative contemporary painting, reflecting in the below waterfeature. 


The dancing waves of colours outside the frame create a whole with the overall garden.

A contemplative english bench in front of the piece of art persuades the visitors to stop, relax, observe, breathe.

Elegant sophistication


Location: Surrey (UK)

Client: Private

Period: 2017

Status: completed

A beautiful country house in Surrey is the setting for this prestigious project, where Taxus domes of different sizes are playing with bulbs, herbaceous and perennials. A couple of existing bronze dragons have been relocated in the axis with the main dining area, floating in between the low planting of Alchemilla Mollis.

A cascade of Rhododendron are planted in front of the swimming pool area, to visually link with the surroundings. 

Hard landscape by Andy Sturgeon garden design.